Dog of the Month, July 2021 – Eris

19 August 2021

The elegant and beautiful Eris has been gracing us with her presence since she was a puppy in 2011.


She is an exceptionally affectionate girl who has a calm, sweet nature. She absolutely loves her pats – so we make sure that she gets a LOT when she comes to visit!


Although she is a big girl, she is very gentle and loving. She always listens to staff and is patient when it is time to take her hydrobath. She often takes newer dogs under her wing and has a calming effect on puppies.


She, together with her sister Milo (who won Dog of the Month back in March 2012) are an absolute pleasure to look after here at Paddington Pups. It’s hard to have a bad day when Eris is in the house – just look at that adorable smile!


Thank you for being your wonderful self Eris!

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