Barking Up the Right Tree – October’s Questions Answered!

14 November 2023

Q: What type of groom should I book for my dog? What are the differences between the types of grooms you offer?

A: We offer 5 different types of grooms: full, maintenance, style, deshed and puppy cut. You can read about the differences between them in this article.


Q: Can my dog stay for daycare after grooming?

A: Yes – on the condition that they have come in and passed a day of daycare previous to the date of their groom.

Please note that first day trials cannot be completed the same day as your grooming appointment as pups are usually a little bit too stimulated after their groom to undergo an accurate temperament test. Once they have successfully passed their first day at another date, they are more than welcome to take part in our Stay and Play services with future grooms with us!


Q: Am I able to get my dog groomed during their boarding stay?

A: So long as you secure a grooming slot online for a date during their stay, absolutely! Book grooming here.


Q: When you say that my dog will undergo a ‘temperament test’ on their first day, what does this actually involve?

A: Great question! On your pups first day, we will keep an eye out for a few things to determine whether their temperament and energy will be a good match for our facility. The main things we look for are:

  • How they react to the new environment
  • Their response to strangers (team members and other clients as they come and go)
  • Their interactions with other dogs – looking for appropriate social cues and reactions
  • Their response to handling – how they react to being touched in different ways by the team including pats or being lead with slip leads
  • Obedience/recall
  • Signs of food aggression – checking for any possessive or resource guarding tendencies
  • Energy levels – determining their energy levels and how they regulate themselves throughout the day to ensure they are placed in an appropriate play group

If your dog passes with flying colours, terrific, they will be more than welcome back for future visits! If your dog does display some concerning behaviours, depending on the severity of them, we may communicate to you that they can return on the provision that these behaviours lessen with each visit. If your dog is deemed unsuitable for our daycare, please know that this decision is not made lightly, and has been made with your dogs best interest at heart, as we don’t want them to be in an environment where they are not comfortable!

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