Paddington Pups’ Positive Global Impacts Through B1G1

10 January 2023

Last year we committed to our journey of giving to worldwide projects that facilitate positive impacts in all areas of community, animal welfare, and the environment, through B1G1. We have been achieving these impacts through consistently giving as a business, but also through initiatives such as our Christmas Giving Paws (an opportunity a lot of you utilised to graciously give to help feed a hungry street dog for Christmas) and through providing either a meal or medication to dogs in developing countries each time we are given a review. It is also important to us to foster a positive team environment; therefore, we also allocate our team tokens to encourage active and conscious contributions to communities local and abroad (both two, and four-legged).

What is B1G1?

B1G1 is a company that enables us as a business to give directly to high-impact projects around the world. Working in the field that we do, it is not only our duty, but also our personal desire to help dogs around the world remain healthy, safe and cared for. We also actively contribute to projects that help people and families in need, as well as environmental initiatives. B1G1 allows us to help make a change from right here in Australia.

Paddington Pups’ impact summary:

Various projects within each of these impact categories were given to in order to holistically support different areas in need. This year, Paddington Pups contributed to 7,460 impacts worldwide, as follows;

3807 days of medical support:

‘Medical support’ includes projects providing support such as:

  • Vaccinations against rabies for at-risk Nepalese street dogs
  • Access for sick dogs to veterinary hospitals to have wounds cleaned and stitched, and any required medications administered
  • Medical baths for dogs with skin diseases such as mange as a result of living on the streets in developing countries
  • Life-saving treatments and rehabilitation for rescued animals in Australia with additional daily and monthly check-ups to sustain their recoveries

2392 meals given to:

  • Sick and emaciated street dogs in Nepal – helping to renourish dogs with the energy and vitamins they need to recover and remain healthy
  • Hungry and injured dogs in India – nutritious food packets given to feed the street dogs and help them fight malnourishment
  • Orphaned Kangaroos and Koalas in Australia – as areas for Koalas and Kangaroos habitats in south-east Queensland continue to shrink due to urban expansion, more and more of their offspring are left without parents lost to cars and malnourishment. This project works with the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors to help feed and care for these animals
  • Rescued grazing animals in Australia – meals of hay provided to rescued grazing animals such as cows, goats, sheep and horses
  • Singaporeans living in poverty – The Food Bank Singapore works to rescue meals that would otherwise go to waste and instead provides them to the 14% of Singaporeans that face poverty and food insecurity every year
  • People living in poverty in Hong Kong – this project helps bridge the gap between food waste and hunger by tackling the huge amount of wasted meals by rescuing them and giving them to those in need
  • People who care for street animals in India – the Kindness Mobile Restaurant provides meals to abandoned persons who live with and care for street animals

756 days of animal research and conservation to help facilitate organisations to find new and innovative ways to help protect and care for animals globally.

148 days of shelter:

  • To rescued farm animals in Australia through Edgar’s Mission – this includes recently shorn sheep suffering in hyperthermic conditions, chickens who have only ever known life to be in a small steel cage, or other animals who have spent their lives in the harsh elements with no shade or shelter
  • To homeless children in Vietnam – this project gives these children safe places to sleep away from dangers such as gangs, abuse and other criminal gangs
  • To abused children in Nepal – this project covers the cost of accommodation, food and clothing for these children

144 medical treatments to animals and people in need.

84 trees planted across the world to keep our air clean, endangered species such as the orangutans in Borneo with homes, and to protect unique biodiverse areas such as the Daintree rainforest.

46 educational programs provided to young adults in Zimbabwe to slowly break the cycle of poverty due to lack of education.

29 items re/upcycled to limit landfill.

25 days of life enhancement support to sick dogs and people living in poverty.

10 square meters of rainforest protected from culling.

10kg of waste was reduced.

5 farm animals given to help sustain income for farmers in need.

3 days of education

1 life-enhancing tool…

….and a LOT of lives changed.

We want to extend a sincere thank you to those of you who helped support these projects through both our Christmas Giving Paws as well as by leaving us a review.

We are so proud and fortunate to be able to give and provide so many positive impacts to those less fortunate and are incredibly excited to continue our journey into 2023 and beyond!

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