I Wish I Had Known! Pumpkin is good for dogs 🎃

10 November 2022

This month we have introduced a new feature on the blog called ‘I wish I had known!’

There are so many things about dogs that we don’t know or wish we had known sooner to help improve their health, happiness and wellbeing. This will be a collaborative segment that we’d love to get your input for, so if there’s something you wish you’d known sooner that you’d like us to share with other dog owners, email us at info@paddingtonpups.com.au and we’ll include it in an upcoming newsletter.

Now, onto today’s tip, which is courtesy of Paul (Thai’s Dad).

Did you know that pumpkin is good for dog’s digestion?

If you’ve got some excess pumpkins leftover from Halloween that you’re not sure what to do with – feed them to your dog! Dogs can eat all of the pumpkin’s skin, seeds and flesh, which means no wastage.

Health benefits

Pumpkin is a great source of fibre and has loads of health benefits for dogs including:

  • Great source of fibre
  • Eases digestion
  • Reduces issues with diarrhea
  • Can help ease mild constipation
  • Contains essential vitamins and minerals that help to improve your dog’s diet
  • Low in calories (assisting in weight loss)

How to feed your dog pumpkin:

Here are some ways you can prepare pumpkin for your dog:

  • Bake – cut it into pieces and bake in the oven until soft
  • Puree or mash – cut into chunks, boil until soft then drain and mash it
  • Pumpkin seeds – it’s recommended that you roast the seeds rather than give them raw. Roast them in the oven then grind them up and mix them in with your dog’s food.

How much pumpkin should you feed your dog:

Like anything, it’s important to feed your dog pumpkin in moderation. Start with small amounts to avoid giving them too much fibre. The American Kennel Club recommends between 1-4 tablespoons of pumpkin per meal.

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