The Paddington Pups daycare experience

02 July 2019

Our doggy daycare is an ideal hangout for your dog. Here’s why. When your dog books in it will enjoy fully-supervised play area that includes social entertainment, toys and comfy bedding for afternoon naps. All dogs are grouped together based on their temperament, personality and size. Your dog will have plenty of play activities and social stimulation to ensure that they go home tired and happy. Your dog will also receive plenty of cuddles throughout the day.

Like humans, dogs require mental and physical challenges to stay healthy, yet many of them spend their days cooped up inside with nothing to do and no one to keep them company. That’s sad! As a result, many dogs find their own ways to stay occupied – barking up a storm as a response to any noise from the outside, digging holes in the garden or tearing up toys and even household furniture. Don’t blame that on them – they need social interaction to be well adjusted!

One of the best ways to keep your dog ‘well adjusted’ is doggy daycare. Just as many parents drop their toddlers off at regular daycare every day, responsible dog parents can leave their canine companions under the care of qualified caretakers.

At Paddington Pupps doggy daycare, your pup will be able to get the exercise he/she needs, socialise with other dogs, and play with people who love animals! Here your dog will get to play in special play areas specifically engineered to balance your dogs personality and activity levels.

Additionally, your dog will be supervised by skilled professionals who have years of experience with dogs. Our staff members monitor the dogs’ interactions to ensure every animal is safe and happy. Another benefit is that they will immediately notice if your dog is suffering from any health issue and can either address it on-site, contact you about the issue directly or take other steps in case of an unexpected emergency.

Paddington Pups doggy daycares also offer additional services, such as grooming, dog baths, advice and support for you and your dog, so when you check out your dog at the end of the day, your dog will look and behave and feel fantastic.

To participate, Paddington Pups doggy daycares require that all dogs are sterilised (desexed) after 6 months old, up-to-date on vaccinations, and, to ensure the safety of all the dogs under their care, do not suffer from any serious behaviour issues such as aggression or other anti-social behaviour.

You are always welcome to come visit the facility to see for yourself how great Paddington Pups is, you can meet our friendly team and see just how clean the environment is and check out how happy all the dogs are. Go ahead an pay us a visit–you’ll be delighted!

You’re welcome to pre-pay for our service or pay when your dog checks out.

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