The Paddington Pups grooming difference

02 July 2019

What makes us different?

For your convenience, Paddington Pups qualified dog groomers are available from Monday to Friday.

Give us a call to make an appointment. Then simply drop your dog off between 7am and 8am on the day of your appointment for their grooming experience. We will give you a text in the day when your dog is ready to be picked up, or your dog can Stay and Play and enjoy the Doggy Daycare experience too additional fees may apply.

Grooming takes 3-4 hours depending on your requirements and the dog’s size and behaviour, and the length and condition of your dog’s fur.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a time of completion. If you require an early pick up, we provide an express service for $35 extra. For this, we require drop-off before 7:30am for guaranteed completion at 11:00am. Limited spots apply.

To assist with your busy working day, you are welcome to leave your pup for the entire day to enjoy our doggy daycare services as well (an extra $40). Your dog will need to be vaccinated and desexed (if older than 6 months, unless recommended by a vet) to take part in doggy daycare.

All dogs, no matter what their size, breed or age, benefit from regular attention in the grooming department. It helps dogs to be happy, healthy and comfortable – and keeps their coat shiny and smooth throughout the year.

A quick rinse with some dog shampoo and water in their backyard or bathtub isn’t quite enough to keep your dog clean! You see a hairstylist every so often, dogs have grooming needs too. Unfortunately their grooming needs often get overlooked or ignored, and as a results there are many homeless looking dogs running around!

Our professional dog groomers will make sure all aspects of your dog’s care are properly managed, and also provide you guidance for maintaining that care at home before your next appointment.

Our professional dog groomers offer the following services for your dog:

Dog Brushing

There are many different types of coats – short-haired, long-haired, and double-coated – and professional dog groomers understand the special attention that is required for each dog. Brushing your dog regularly at home is important, but particularly for long-haired and double-coated breeds, a professional brushing can help ensure that all dead hair is removed, preventing long-term build-up of bacteria which can cause skin problems. We have professional brushes that will make your dog look and feel amazing!

Removing mats

We’re also experts at dealing with difficult mats in dog hair. Here brushing or combing often does the trick, but careful shaving down of dogs may be necessary to reduce the risk of cuts and razor burn. Paddington Pups dog groomers can also help you with simple at home tips to help you reduce matting issues in the future.


Many dog owners know the basics of giving a dog bath, but a professional hydrobath allows for deep coat penetration, which results in a deeper cleansing process for your dog. This helps to prevent health issues and maintain their hygiene longer. All dogs at Paddington Pups receive a thorough hydrobath as part of a professional dog groom.

Nail Trimming

Do you hear pitter-patter on the floor as your dog walks? It’s likely his/her nails are getting a little long. This can cause injury to the dog’s nail beds, difficulty walking due to splayed feet, and the nails can even grow into the dog’s skin! Many dogs don’t make it easy to cut their nails, and often owners aren’t sure how to properly and safely perform the procedure. Cutting too close can cause bleeding and discomfort! Don’t worry, our professional dog groomers can make the experience easier and safer for you and your dog.

Ear Cleaning / Plucking

Here’s the good news about ear infections and dogs: many of them are totally preventable! Regular cleaning by a professional groomer can help prevent infections, mites, and other doggie health problems. Also, certain dog breeds require that the hair inside the ears is plucked to maintain their cleanliness. We do that too!

Blow Dry

A wet dog is more susceptible to skin problems, matting, and other health issues, so drying a dog thoroughly after a hydrobath is an important part of the grooming process. We also tick that box!

Style Hair Cut

For certain dog breeds and coat types, a regular trimming isn’t about looks, it’s about maintaining their health! Overgrown coats are more likely to become matted, and long hair can contribute to the risk for overheating especially during sweltering summer days! We will advise you about how often your dog needs to be trimmed for his/her comfort and good hygiene. At Paddington Pups depending on the dog breed we typically recommend people get their dog groomed every 6 to 8 weeks. When you walk down the street you can always tell the difference between the dogs that look good and those that don’t!

Teeth Cleaning

Approximately 80% of dogs will develop signs of oral disease by the age of three years, and the consequences can be serious. Dental diseases in dogs can lead to serious problems such as heart, lung and kidney disease. That’s why it’s so crucial to maintain proper oral hygiene for your dog. We offer teeth brushing which is similar to what you would do yourself at home, if your dog suffers from plaque build up, they will need a trip to the vet.

Anal Glands

You can prevent your dog from scooting his/her behind on your carpet by emptying their anal sacs. If not emptied, they can become impacted and infected. Our dog groomer can perform that safely, leaving your dog more comfortable, and your carpets cleaner.

Flea Treatments

Even with preventative care, many dogs can end up with fleas – particularly those that are active adventure-seekers! Unfortunately, those critters can be difficult to expel! Our professional team members can offer advice for dealing with an infestation in your home.

In addition to these important doggie grooming services, our professional groomers can help keep an eye out for symptoms of common problems that you may easily overlook, such as skin problems, ear infections, ticks, growths, and also changes in your dog’s behaviour, skin, eyes, and hearing. Although the Paddington Pups team are not veterinarians, we serve as a great first line of defence, allowing you to address issues early on and seek the attention of your Vet before they develop into more serious and costly problems.

Paddington Pups professional dog groomers are also highly involved with other aspects of the Brisbane dog community, particularly because they communicate with so many dog lovers every day. They are a great resource for other services your dog may require, such as training, breeding, or boarding.

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