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02 July 2019

Washing your dog is about more than just doggie beauty.

It’s also an important part of hygiene and keeping your dog in the best of health.

Regular bathing keeps your dog’s skin and coat healthy and clean. It also helps to remove dead hair and skin that can lead to bacteria build-up over time, resulting in skin problems, and it’s an important part of treating common problems such as fleas and ticks.

Even if you give your dog a bath at home, it’s a good idea to have your dog bathed professionally on a regular basis. A hydrobath uses a warm, high-pressure shower head that allows for complete penetration of your dog’s coat and results in a deeper cleaning.

The water is mixed to remove dead skin cells and hair, embedded flea eggs, and other materials that may be well entrenched in your dog’s coat, especially for those who have long, thick hair.

It is particularly effective in helping you and your dog cope with fleas or ticks since we can add specialised product to the hydrobath water for treatment, better enabling it to reach all the way to the skin.

Additionally, the spray head of a hydrobath provides a therapeutic massage for your dog, which helps encourage good blood circulation. It can be particularly beneficial for older dogs or those suffering from arthritis, poor blood circulation, or recovering from certain muscle injuries.

Paddington Pups staff can also keep an eye out for other issues while bathing your dog, such as skin problems, ear infections, or growths, providing you with appropriate advice for addressing the problem or directing you to your vet for further treatment.

Because we see so many dogs on a regular daily basis, spotting such issues is second nature to us!

Check our availability

Our professional hydrobath is situated inside our doggy daycare area so to ensure the safety of our doggy daycare staff and of the bathing dogs, we have the following availability:

  • While we are open 7am till 7pm we only Hydrobath throughout the week from 9am till 2pm. Daycare dogs can be washed for you during their stay.
  • For non-daycare dogs we have the safety of our daycare staff and any incoming dogs in mind first and foremost, therefore we reserve the right to deny this service as the bath is located within the daycare. Please phone on the day required to discuss your needs to ensure we can accommodate you.

No bookings required

No bookings or call ahead required

All hydrobaths use warm water with your choice of standard, anti-flea, oatmeal, or emu shampoo (you can also bring your own specialty dog shampoo).

To learn more about our hydrobathing service contact us here or call 07 3369 0699!

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