Daycare FAQs

Yes. Your dog psychology requires regular stimulation to be well adjusted. Instead of being at home sitting in the backyard, staring at four walls or lazing around all day creating the risk of boredom activities like ripping up your favourite plants or ripping apart your favourite clothing, your dog will get a chance to exercise, interact with other dogs and receive love and cuddles from the crew here at Paddington Pups.

What makes us number one is our low dog to staff ratio; our years of industry experience; our vet grade sterilization programs; our convenient inner city location; the large size of our facility; our extensive and diverse clients (your dog always has other dogs suitable to their energy level to play with). Paddington Pups is also proudly seen on TV and an award winning business. We also have strong relationships with other Doggy Daycare centres both interstate and internationally to ensure we stay up-to-date with leading innovations in the doggie care industry.

Absolutely! You’re welcome to visit us at Paddington Pups before making bookings to see our facilities and ensure you are comfortable at Queensland’s #1 Doggy Daycare Centre and happy entrusting our staff with your beloved pet. While we don’t offer full tours of the facility for the safety and wellbeing of the dogs, we do have large parts of our facility fully visible to clients and the full facility is visible live on our security cameras. When visiting please be aware that if you are visiting between 7am and 9am, or 5pm and 6.30pm these are peak pick up and drop off times and the staff may not have the time to answer all your questions in a lot of detail. We recommend visits between 10am and 4pm.  Please call 07 3369 0699 to arrange a visit or drop by during business hours.

Yes! Paddington Pups is regularly fogged with an antibacterial hypoallergenic food safe coating that kills germs on impact as well as being disinfected throughout the day. All our toys and towels are cleaned daily and all our cleaning cloths and mop heads are replace regularly. Paddington Pups is also cleaned and disinfected every night, to a vet grade standard – regardless how busy we got during the day.

Absolutely. Our play groups are divided according to both size and temperament, ensuring that each dog only associates with suitable playmates. To maximise safety and the comfort of your dog all dogs have constant supervision.

We do not feed daycare dogs unless you provide a meal and specifically request your dog to be feed. Why? Because so many of our beloved dogs, like humans, have food allergies. Instead we prefer to treat dogs just before home time with your permission.

We use a great range of durable toys. These products are not only stimulating for your canine but also completely washable, non-toxic, hard wearing and safe for all dogs. We sterilize all toys daily. We have balls, tug toys, agility and more… what more could a dog want?

We ask that all belongings of the dog are left at home. Not only is this for hygienic purposes, we must maintain equality with all dogs within the centre and do not accept any outside influences that may increase the risk of a dog being protective of his/her belongings.

Our first priority is the safety of all the dogs under our care, so we have designed a ‘time-out’ area and naughty dogs will be removed from the play ground instantly. Constantly aggressive dogs will be banned from Paddington Pups as the safety of all the dogs is our priority.

No. Dogs learn by association, and they make associations whenever they are awake and interact with their environment. The day care environment is far different to being in their home environment. Although we do our utmost to make the centre as homely and comfortable as possible; the smells, interaction and associating the stimulus of the centre with day care only is the key to ensuring toileting and other training is retained at home. To help understand this association further; when the door bell rings and your dog barks, it is a classically conditioned response. In other words, the dog is not making a choice on whether to bark or not is his/her hardwired instinct is to warn the pack of a possible intruder. If you reach for their leash this depicts a walk. Reaching for their food bowl means dinner is expected soon. Even stories we have heard from our human clients; reaching for the car keys in the morning means excitement and a trip to Paddington Pups!

First of all we don’t handle dogs, we care for them. We have a highly qualified crew here at Paddington Pups, all of which are experienced in doggie care. To work within the Paddington Pups environment all employees must possess energy, a heartfelt passion for animals and, above all, plenty of patience. We have a very high expectation of all of our crew to ensure you have 100% confidence that your dog is with the best in Queensland!

Here at Paddington Pups we pride ourselves on the up-keep of a clean, hygienic environment at all times. We do our utmost to provide comfortable bedding within a cosy environment for our beloved clients. We only have beds and furnishings that we can sterilize and wash to ensure it is an environment that is clean, germ and flea free for your dog, every time.

The short answer is no; the centre provides a scheduled and routine exercise program for all of the dogs throughout the day. A day of daycare for any dog is a huge day of exercise both for their body and their mind. That can be quite tiring and must be highly managed to ensure every dog’s energy is conserved and controlled to meet each dog’s individual requirements. If you were able to spend all day with your dog at the park you can imagine how exhausted they would be, plus it is not a realistic expectation to put that level of exercise of any living being who is not used to it. The main aim of the centre is to encourage socialisation and interaction within a safe indoor park environment, which includes what we believe to be a very important aspect; learning how to relax and remain calm around other dogs.

No, fleas don’t jump from dog to dog. Fleas jump onto dogs from the environment, which includes grass, gardens, bedding and many more. Here at Paddington Pups we maintain strict cleaning and flea treatment of all beds and surrounds. It is however, important that you maintain your dog’s preventative flea treatment regardless of whether they attend daycare or not. We sterilise the doggy daycare environment each day and we will notify you in the event that we notice fleas on your dog.

Read more about fleas here

We think it’s very important that your dog sees their regular vet as soon as possible if they become unwell. Upon enrolment, we obtain the name of your dog’s vet so that we can contact them in the event that your dog is unwell and we are unable to contact you. By signing our terms and conditions form you authorise us to take your dog to the vet if the situation requires it.

We have experience in selecting the play areas and play groups for each doggy daycare guest to ensure they are playing with dogs that suit their personality, temperament and size. Your dog’s safety and happiness is our priority.

You may come everyday if you like. Some of our guests come three times a week or two times a week. It’s up to you and your pet to decide the number of days to attend. Let us know how many days you would like your dog to attend during the week so we can accommodate your pet.

No, while we have a strict in-house schedule you are welcome to drop your dog off at any time during our opening hours (7am to 7pm). While you may find certain days of the week are better for you and your family, if things change and you need to change days that work better for you that’s ok with us!

Yes, all dogs are welcome. We monitor all dog behaviour in our daycare to ensure dogs aren’t showing aggression toward any person or other dog. If a pet shows aggression to either staff or other daycare attendees, he/she will be expelled from daycare. No exceptions.

Yes, there is one supervisor to every 10-13 dogs. The supervisor makes sure a good time is had by all, whilst monitoring play times and observing for any possessive or aggressive behaviour.

Contact the Paddington Pups crew at any time. Our business hours are Monday to Friday 7am-7pm, and Saturdays 9am-4pm. We’d be more than happy to help you, and are always delighted to explain why Paddington Pups is the best environment for your dog!

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