Celiac Disease In Dogs


celiac Disease

Celiac disease is gluten intolerance in animals. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye.  Dogs, like humans, can suffer from celiac disease. By consuming products containing gluten an abnormal immune response occurs which attacks the small intestine. If Celiac Disease is left untreated it often leads to malnutrition and severe damage to your pups digestive system.


There are several signs that can indicate that your dog may have Celiac Disease. It is important that you are aware of the signs as early diagnosis is the always the best way to control any disease.

These signs include:

  • Skin problems
  • Hair loss
  • Bumps or lesions (These lesions usually show up on the dog’s feet, head, neck, ears and stomach)
  • Itching, flaking dry skin
  • Secondary skin infections
  • Chronic ear infections


If your dog shows any signs of being a Celiac then you should consult you vet immediately.

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Dog Anxiety Jackets



The Thunder Shirt is a safe, effective and drug free anxiety solution for dogs.

Its patent pending design applies gentle, constant pressure on a dog’s torso and this pressure has an amazing calming effect for most dogs.

Pressure has been used to successfully reduce anxiety for many years for both animals and humans.

Examples including certain groups of dog trainers using pressure wraps for a wide variety of anxieties. Veterinarians use squeeze chutes when vaccinating cattle, and thousands of people with autism use pressure vests to relieve persistent anxiety.

Thunder Shirts are ideal for:

  • Fear of thunder
  • Separation anxiety
  • Barking problems
  • Car or travel anxiety
  • Crate anxiety
  • Reactivity
  • General fearfulness
  • Leash pulling
  • General training tool

Ask one of the Paddington Pups staff if you have any further questions or are interested in purchasing and trying a Thunder Jacket.



Pink Himalayan Salt for your Dogs

2015 12 15 RGJ Himalayan Salt rocks









You might have noticed the big craze at the moment over Himalayan salt and the amazing health benefits it has for us. From using it in food to drinking it in water and even using it as a deodorant stick or bath salts.

It really is amazing stuff! Lots of people don’t realize that it has just as good health benefits for our dogs.
Incase you aren’t aware here are some of the great benefits of pink Himalayan salt:
• Creates an electrolyte balance
• Increases hydration
• Regulates water content both inside and outside of cells
• Prevents muscle cramping
• Aids in proper metabolic functions
• Strengthens bones
• Lowers blood pressure
• Helps the intestines absorb nutrients
• Improves circulation
• Dissolves and eliminates sediment to remove toxins
Just remember that pink Himalayan salt is very different to table ... Click here to read more....

Is your dogs urine burning your lawn ? There might be a simple solution to fix it.

2015 12 08 RGJ Burnt lawn







This is something we hear about all too often from our clients. Why is my dog’s urine burning our lawn and how do I stop it?

Sometimes it can be something as simple as changing their diet or placing some dog rocks in their dog water bowl.


Here are a few reasons why your dog’s urine might be burning the grass.

Alkaline urine pH, nitrogen load, and high solute concentration of the urine (dehydration).

Dogs that are on a cereal based diet (most kibbles) or a diet high in grains and fillers will have a fairly high pH. Because of this their urine will burn the grass when they pee on it. Dogs that are eating a natural RAW diet made up of soft consumable bones and meat will have a lower pH which is ideal for a carnivore and will dramatically reduce burns ... Click here to read more....

The Paddington Pups Grooming Salon


The grooming section is a busy part of Paddington Pups Doggy Daycare all year round. This month I thought I’d take you through what the groomers do in a typical day and what our grooming guests get up to during their visit.

All of our grooming dogs are required to arrive between 7:00am and 8:30am. This hour and a half gives our groomers a chance to have a chat with owners and find out what kind of clip they would like for their dog. If an owner is unsure of what they want, the groomers can make suggestions as to what styles would suit their puppy.

Some owners wonder why we can’t make individual appointments (like a hairdressing salon would). We get all our grooming clients in at the same time so that we can pre-clip them all first. Pre-clipping involves a quick clip of the coat to ... Click here to read more....

A bone a day keeps the vet away!!

Guest Article By Jenny Golsby from the Complete Pet Company

Over the many years of producing the Complete Meal and recommending bones I am still amazed at the number of dog and cat owners that are concerned about feeding bones.
Bones to cats and dogs are about as real as it gets. Bones are necessary, not only do they clean teeth, they provide nutritional value from calcium and cartilage, they create muscle work for the jaw, they help bulk the stool to assist with anal gland problems as well as assist with stimulation to calm the carnivorous animal while chewing. Dogs and cats have a jaw and set of teeth that are designed to rip, tear and crunch. I find nothing better than watching my dogs lie in the sun and enjoy their bone, the whole bone.

Research tells us that periodontal disease effects around 8 out of every 10 ... Click here to read more....

Paddington Pups Price Increase

Please be aware that Paddington Pups will be having a price increase for our daycare and grooming services as of January 1st 2016

We try to keep prices as low as possible and we haven’t implemented an increase for almost 3 years but as rent/wage costs increase we are forced to review and increase the prices of our services.
We have researched competitor’s prices and we will aim to remain under their prices, just as we are now.
We will be offering Day Care Package Deals 1 last time this year prior to this scheduled price increase. These deals will be offered at some point in November.

Meal for Mutts

New product – Meals for Mutts:

Meal for Mutts food has been developed and manufactured in Australia by a house nutrition and food science team with over 40 years experience in the field of performance animal nutrition and the development of hypoallergenic all natural holistic diets.
Their passion is to make and develop nutrient dense and balanced pet food. This stems from the belief that nutrition is not only a vital part of your pets physical health, but also plays a huge part in disease resistance, enjoyment of life, longevity, and overall well- being,
What goes in:
Wholesome natural food ingredients sourced solely from Australian producers (meat, fish, and vegetables).
Scientifically formulated unique blend of omega 3, 6 and 9 oils, organic chelated minerals, packed with probiotics, all natural ingredients.
All of the food is tested by NATA independent testers.
What stays out:
Ingredients that often contain high levels of ... Click here to read more....

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth is a dirt-cheap way of controlling external and internal parasites in your dog. Its very important to only ever use food grade Diatomaceous Earth, as the one for gardens and pool filters is not safe for pets.

Diatomaceous Earth is not poisonous; it causes insects to die by absorbing the crucial oils and fats from the cuticle of their exoskeleton. Under a microscope its sharp edges are abrasive, speeding up the process. This works the same for the internal parasites as it attaches itself to their outer layer causing rapid dehydration and death. All though it is safe to eat, drink and dust through hair, it can cause irritation to eyes if large amounts are in the air.

Within 7 days of being fed both morning and night, Diatomaceous Earth can eliminate roundworms, whipworms, pinworms and hookworms. To get the full effects of the DE it should be ... Click here to read more....

Choosing the right bone for your dog and how to let them enjoy one safely.

The article was written for us from Jenny at the Complete Pet Company, Jenny produces one of the best raw food in Australia and probably the world for dogs and cats. Jenny also has a great range of consumable bones which we stock along with the raw food at Paddington Pups.
If you have any other questions about the food or bones please feel free to contact Jenny on 07 3855 3555 or Jenny@completepet.com.au

A bone a day keeps the vet away
Over the many years of producing the Complete Meal and recommending bones I am still amazed at the number of dog and cat owners that are concerned about feeding bones.
Bones to a cats and dogs are about as real as it gets. Bones are necessary , they not only clean teeth, they provide nutritional value of calcium and cartilage, they create muscle work for the jaw, ... Click here to read more....