Dog of the Month – August 2017

August Dog of the MonthRufus Pearce


We happily announce that Augusts dog of the month is Rufus Pearce! He has been coming to Paddington Pups for over 9 years now and is such a playful, well-mannered part of our pack that we can’t help but smile every time we see him.

Rufus often joins us with his friend Chicken, the dog, and loves relaxing with all our other smaller pack members.

We have loved watching Rufus grow up and are looking forward to all his future visits too.... Click here to read more....

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Dog Facts… Did you know

Dog Facts… Did you know?

Just in case you’ve got a trivia night coming up, or you like learning something new every day we thought we would share a few fun dog facts.

  • Newfoundland Dogs have a water resistant coats and webbed feet. They were bread to haul fishing nets and to help rescue drowning people.
  • Dogs noses are wet to help them absorb scents. Dogs will lick their noses to sample the scent through their mouth. Dogs sense of smell is 10 000 to 100 000 times stronger than humans.
  • Dalmatian Puppies are born with white coats and develop their spots as they age.
  • Chow-chow pups are born with pink tongs; their tongs turn black at 8 to 10 weeks of age.
  • Ever wonder how on earth your dog can stand to eat some of the things he or she does? Dogs have around 1 700 taste buds, while
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Health Info for your dog – GDV

Health Info for your Dog – Gastric Dilatation Volvulus (GDV)

GDV, or more commonly known as Bloat, is an extremely serious condition and is a leading cause of death in dogs. While the Veterinary Industry mostly does not know the causes of Bloat/GDV what the causes of Bloat/GDV are, knowing the following signs and symptoms of Bloat and getting medical attention for your dog without delay may well save his or her life.

Gastric Dilatation- Volvulus (GDV) is a life-threatening condition in which, for reasons not well known or understood, food and gases cause a dog’s stomach to stretch to many times its normal size.  This causes the stomach to twist between 180 and 360 degrees, closing off the entry and exit to the stomach.

In the next stages of the illness, the dog’s spleen swells, which in turns puts pressure on major veins, affecting the heart’s function. The dog’s ... Click here to read more....

Meet the Paddington Pups Team

Meet the Paddington Pups Team 

Neil – Doggy Daycare Manager.

Neil, pictured here with his much loved Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Nimbus (his favourite breed of dog) absolutely loves working with dogs. He joined the team after hearing about how great Paddington Pup’s is from a friend who worked with us.

Neil also soon found that he loved working at Paddington Pups and the dogs here loved him too. His dog, Nimbus now has a whole team of people at Paddington Pups to give her cuddles and so many dog friends.  You can see from their smiles that they are very happy members of the team here at Doggy Daycare.

Neil works so well with the dogs and due to his excellent organisational, dog care and people skills has recently been promoted as a manager at Paddington Pups.

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April Dog of the Month

April Dog of the Month


Born in 1999, Jack is one of the more senior citizens that join us at Paddington Pups. He is loved very much by all the team and has been part of the pack since 2012.

Jack is a wonderful dog and brings a smile to everyone’s face with his loving and kind nature.

Even though he is now blind Jack knows his way around Paddington Pups and has his favourite areas, which he heads straight to when he comes in.

He loves hanging out with the groomers and watching over the other young pups as they race around!... Click here to read more....

Paddington Pups are Finalist in Australian Small Business Champion Awards

Congratulations to the Paddington Pups Team; we’re finalists in Australian Small Business Champion Awards 2017!

The Australian Small Business Champion Awards have become the most prestigious and comprehensive program that recognises small business  throughout Australia. The Awards seek to recognise the hard work of small businesses and their contributions to their local community and Australia’s economy. They recognise businesses whose values include exceptional customer service, commitment, leadership, endurance, courage, innovation, performance and generosity. Paddington Pups is honoured to be among the finalists for 2017. Winners will be announced in April, so paws crossed we will have some more good news to announce in May.... Click here to read more....

Record Breaking Canines

Record breaking Canines.

All the dogs we see at Paddington Pups are extraordinary and very special and it got us thinking of dogs who have made the record books for being extra extraordinary. Thanks to Guinness World Records ( we found a few which you may find interesting too;

  • The Largest dog walk in the world involved 22, 742 dogs in the UK in 2011 – do you think we can top it?
  • Super Sit in 2005 was the World’s largest simultaneous dog Stay and involved 627 dogs.
  • Cinderalla May, a Holly Grey, holds the record for highest jump at 172.7cm – how tall is your fence?
  • The largest litter of puppies is 24, to a Neopolitan Mastiff in 2004.
  • A poodle named Chanda-Leah holds the record for biggest repertoire of tricks, 469 different tricks, including playing the piano.

The world’s tallest and shortest dogs (at the time) ... Click here to read more....

Is Your Dog In The Healthy Weight Range

Is your Dog in the Healthy Weight Range?

It may be a lot more important for you to ensure that your dog’s weight stays in the healthy weight range than you realise. While there might be the occasional thing eaten off the floor, the majority of our dog’s food is given to them by us, their owners, so making sure that our dog’s weight remains healthy falls to us and what we feed them.  The first step is knowing what a healthy weight is for your dog.

Dogs come in different breeds and mixes of breeds so knowing what the healthy weight range is for your dog can be a bit tricky. While a Chihuahua should definitely weigh less than a Beagle, how much less should it weigh? If your dog is female should she weigh more or less than a male of the same breed? There are helpful charts ... Click here to read more....

Doggy Holidays Now Boarding at Paddington Pups

Doggie Holidays Now Boarding at Paddington Pups!

After looking at the options and standards available for boarding in the Brisbane area and across Australia, the need for a better option became so evident that the decision was made to introduce boarding at Paddington Pups.

So, you may well be wondering what is so wrong with a typical Boarding Kennels to prompt this?

At almost all boarding kennels dogs are kept in small runs, rooms, kennels or pens (we will just call them enclosures), sometimes with other dogs, sometimes by themselves. This might be ok if it were just for sleeping, but in most cases, this is for at least 20 hours a day, every day. At peak times, a lot of boarding kennels cannot guarantee that your dog will be taken out of this area at all.

There is no time guaranteed with people for pats or play, or cuddles, ... Click here to read more....